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Lyndsey Buchanan is an independent singer-songwriter based in West Texas. Her original lyrics are raw and honest, and she comes by her traditional country sound honestly with an Americana twist. Her sound is influenced by the likes of artists like LeeAnn Womack and Dwight Yoakam, while her lyrics are otherwise inspired by songsmiths such as lames McMurtry and Gillian Welch.
Lyndsey grew up in the small farming town of Anson, Texas. She was the only child to a single mother who was no stranger to the honky-tonk lifestyle. Lyndsey picked up a pawn shop guitar when she was 11, and by age 13 you could find her at the local VFW accompanied by her mother, sitting up on top of the bar strumming classic country tunes for the regulars. One evening a patron grabbed her guitar case, opened it up, threw a $50 bill inside, and the lightbulb came on. Lyndsey dove into learning some of her
favorite cover songs along with writing a couple of her own and about a year later at the ripe age of 14, she landed her first paid gig at the Firehouse Bar & Grill in Abilene, Texas. Her natural talent for songwriting and performing paired with her deep appreciation for country music kept her determined to
create herself as an artist.


The Music

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When it comes to songwriting, Lyndsey takes pride in crafting lyrics that cut to the bone. Her no-BS style of writing compliments her country roots and you can feel the conviction in every phrase she sings.
"You're every step I stumble to bed/ every sip I regret/ every wall I keep falling into.'"[Tequila Sun]
"In that very room is where my heart died/ rotted away in a bed of lies/ tell me, how do you like living
with my skeletons?"

"What do you want from me if I'm so bad? / What do you need from me if I'm the worst you ever had? / If you love me so much baby, why are you so mad? / If you hate me so much, why do you keep coming back?"
Today, Lyndsey continues to write and record original music independently while playing solo acousticshows around Texas and beyond. Check out her music on your favorite platforms and stay up-to-date
with all thing Lyndsey Buchanan here at lyndseybuchanan.com